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Cerquetta WineShop

The right ingredient for every recipes, characterized by genuineness and originality, in order to describe the real fragrances of our land. 

A name per region in its thousand varieties, but above all the whole line Cerquetta to represent the best Lazio's tradition. 

We personally wrap up your present for every occasion, but above all we always have the right idea for each of our customers. We deliver all over Italy and abroad. 

As good things help us to give an added value to our table, but above all when you believe that a present has to be useful too.


The cookery art, it’s known, needs talent, experience, creativity and passion. In that case passion comes not only of the producer but keeps on with the wine shop Cerquetta which has been succeeding in gathering, on its shelves, the best of the local products.
In this way a triumph of flavours is discovered, which like a tale case reveals a precious treasure to its table-companinons, a laid table with mushrooms, artichokes, dried tomatoes, vegetables au gratine, olives, all of them in oil or pickled, pesto, paté and sauces flavoured with truffles.
Moreover, strawberries, raspberries, pears and apricots, mint and lemon, all of them in syrup, that like a nursery rhyme call to mind sensations of innocent beatitude.
And then wines, severe or light but also different kinds of oils and concentrated vinegars or simply fragrant that make more intense the pleasure to give someone or to treat oneself a present, with the wish to awake the sense of cooking of the lucky person, getting him out, even if only for a bit, from the everyday stress.

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